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Our Purpose

Paul Tisdale reflects on a seminal moment in the life of a football manager:

“The eyes are on me! I’m a football manager stood at the touch line considering my first big decision of the match. Do I make a substitution - or not?”


The technical area on a match day can be a very lonely place. Thousands of spectators are present. Some are looking closely at me, some do not look at all. However, all have a strong opinion and all will definitely comment on the decision I am about to make next.

From those experiences, TTT have created a series of models that can easily be applied to any business, that will help to improve performance, develop sustainable business models and drive culture.

How many industries have this level of transparency? Your every move scrutinised, and often at a moment of high emotion. You have to think fast. It’s hardly an conducive environment for making a good decision. 

“Time is running out. We are playing at home - all the stakeholders expect the team to win. We were one nil up at half time, winning comfortably, but now the opposition have just equalised. The scores are level and now the home supporters are not happy. The expectations of the stakeholders have not been met - the home team always wins! Many voice their ill feelings. Now it is incumbent on me to make my first big decision.  I am expected to make a positive substitution - attack more and retrieve the winning position.


Despite the pressure, I must think clearly. Consider all options. Have a plan. Make the right call. Inspire my team. Communicate precisely…..Time is running out.”

This is a weekly challenge for football manager. When under pressure, can you think correctly and act correctly? When seeking support, you must know who you should rely on for advice. Where analytics are so plentiful, knowing which is the most significant piece of data to observe. And with so many people to please, you must be able to make the unpopular decision when necessary.   I learned very quickly in my management career, that football is not about the romance of the ‘beautiful game.’ It is about running a business. Only 5% of job is technically football, 95% is about people and getting the right processes in place to help me make the right decisions and to deliver under pressure.    From those experiences, TTT has created a series of models that can be easily applied to any business to help to improve performance, develop sustainable processes and drive culture.

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Our Purpose


Who we are


Paul Tisdale

Tis is a vastly experienced Football League manager, managing Exeter City to their highest ever league finish. Guiding the club to four play off finals and achieving two promotions. Over 12 years, he led the club through a comprehensive rebuilding process on and off the pitch. Tis was instrumental in building an enduring legacy as a healthy and sustainable football business. Exeter City FC is fast emerging as one of the English Football League’s most respected and credible clubs, that is seen as a template for other clubs.

Outside football Tis is a successful business owner. In addition he was an ambassador for clothing brand Ted Baker for 10 years, both representing the brand on the touchline and contributing to the development of the business by sharing his leadership and team building philosophies.


Tim Thurston

Tim is an experienced Managing Director and business leader, with over 30 years of management experience. Most of Tim’s career has been in media and particularly publishing, where he has been managing director of five different business. These have included magazines, newspapers, radio and local TV stations.

Launching a Leadership development business (Team-i) in 2017, Tis and Tim launched Tis Talks TEAM in 2020.

Eddie Howe, Premier League manager

“Paul has a unique ability to develop players and build successful teams. His work at Exeter City was unparalleled in the way he built the club’s infrastructure for over more than a decade, whilst at the same time, creating a high performing team on the pitch. Delivering a long term development strategy combined with the need to get constant results, is almost an impossible task in modern football.     His drive to work and educate young players is hugely impressive with a number of players who have worked with Paul from a young age, now playing at the very highest level in the premier league and on the international stage.    He has achieved all this with humility, integrity and immense loyalty.”

Nigel Clough, England international and football league manager

“What Tis did at Exeter went under the radar. Observers from outside football probably don’t understand, realise or appreciate what he achieved. But people in football do.    Looking behind the scenes, a new academy, a new stand built. Those things do not just happen. It’s not a fluke.    A lot of what you see in football is style over substance, but what Tis achieved is real and people in football recognise that achievement.”


What we do

How we do it


How we do it

Tis Talks Team delivers:


One-off, leadership development day


Tis Talks Team facilitates one-off, leadership development days, delivered as;


  • An away day or on-site workshop

  • A ‘be a football manager for the day’ management training day… or simply a keynote speech at an event

Full performance improvement programme


Allow Tis Talks Team to add value across your business with a full performance improvement programme;

  • Establish key internal cycles within the business, fundamental to it’s function. THE REBOOT.

  • Conduct a NEEDS ANALYSIS to identify strengths/weakness and to find ways to increase connections and collective thought patterns.

  • Apply performance improvement solutions with the unique TTT DEVELOPMENT MODELS.

- "We take one game at a time."

- "It's a long season."


Who we do it for
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Who we do it for

Nigel Clough, Football manager and former international player​

“What Tis did at Exeter was known and respected throughout the leagues. Not only did he create a successful team on the pitch, he developed everything at the club, from the training ground to financial security.”

Julian Tagg, chairman of Exeter City

“Tis has a very original perspective that allowed us to break with conventional thinking and by creating a doing it right, rather than win at all costs culture, set our direction.”​
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